Car Detailing Services

All detailing services require the purchase of the Sweetwater or the Works Wash.
Prices may vary due to the size or condition of vehicle.

Hand Washing

  • Standard Sedans/Coupes:
    $50 and up
  • Standard SUV/Jeeps/Trucks:
    $60 and up
  • Lifted Trucks/Dually:
    $100 and up

Seat Cleaning
(2 Steps)

  • 2 Rows of seats
  • Upholstery cleaned and protected.
  • Seats cleaned and treated with a leather cleaner and leather creme protectant
  • 3 rows of seats $50.00


Doors & Dash

  • Blow out crevices
  • Dust door and dash
  • Clean & Treat All Vinyl
  • $10.00 for 3rd Row and all SUV’s


Headlight Restoration

  • Treatment to clear headlights

Carpet and Shampoo

  • Removes dirt and lifts out soils
  • Add $20.00 for 3rd rows
  • Add $3.00 per Carpet Floor Mat

Claybar Treatment to exterior of vehicle

  • Requires the purchase of our “Express Wax” service
  • Removes most overspray & tar
  • Add $10 and up for Trucks and SUVs

Any two detailing services can be combined.
Please allow time for proper treatment of packaged services.
Don’t see the service you are looking for?
Just ask – call or email us!

TOTAL Package

  • Express Wax
  • Exterior Vinyl
  • Doors & Dash
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Floor Mat Shampoo
  • Seat Cleaning
  • Wonder Wafer Air Freshener
  • Add $40 to Trucks and SUVs
  • Add $30 for Clay Bar Treatment

Detailing Packages Extra Services

Mat Shampoo

$3 per carpet mat

Rubber/Weather Mats

$2.00 per mat

Odor Neutralizer


Tar Removal

$10.00 and up

Exterior Wipe Down & Tire Shine


Exterior Vinyl Treatment

$10.00 Cars, SUV and Vans $15

Chrome Wheels detailed

$10.00 and up each wheel

Interior Leather Treatment


Spot Removal

$10 and Up

Tree Sap Removal

$10.00 and up