Oil Changes at our Apopka Location

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oil-changeHERE AT SWEETWATER CAR WASH AND EXPRESS OIL CHANGE we provide you with a “Quick and Easy” One Stop Shop. To keep your car, suv, van or truck running and looking GREAT!!


Standard Oils

Castrol GTX Brand


Plus tax
Price reflects first 5 quarts
Castrol leading standard oil
FREE Express Wash Included

Castrol GTX HM


Plus tax
Oil engineered for vehicles
with 75,000 miles or more
Added conditioner and seal
protection to help prevent leaks
FREE Express Wash Included

Synthetic Oils

Castrol EDGE


Plus tax
Provides exceptional protection
at start-up even at low temperature
where significant engine wear can occur
We also offer Mobil 1 & Amsoil
for $79.99 (First 5 Quarts)
FREE Express Wash Included

Amsoil XL


Plus tax
Latest technology in long lasting oil
Extended oil drain interval
FREE Express Wash Included

Other Synthetics

Mobil 1


Plus tax
Good for 5,000 miles

Amsoil OE


Plus tax
Good for 5,000 miles

Castrol GTX Magnatec


Plus tax
Good for 5,000 miles

*All Oil Changes have an “Environmental Auto Fee” of $3 for non diesel vehicles
and $8 for diesel vehicles*

All Oil changes cover up to 5 quarts of oil. Additional charge for more than 5 quarts of oil.

Every Service begins with our 18-point check-up!

Our 18-point FULL SERVICE Includes:

• Change Oil & Standard Oil Filter with up to
5 Qts.. of oil ( Extra charge on some vehicles )
• Exterior Carwash
• Check Exterior Lights
• Check Battery life with meter
• Check/Top Off Battery Fluid**
• Inspect Serpentine Belt
• Check/Brake Fluid Level
• Check/Top Off Power Steering Fluid
• Check/Top off transmission fluid level
• Check/Top Off Radiator Overflow Bottle
• Check/Top Off Differential Fluid**
• Check Transfer Case**
• Inspect Wiper Blades
• Fill Windshield Washer Reservoir
• Check Air Filter & Breather
• Check Cabin Air Filter**
• Lubricate Chassis**
• Check and Properly Inflate Tires **(if applicable)

Other Services Offered:

• Gas Treatment $9.99
• Oil System Cleaner $12.99
• Engine Treatment $24.99
• Light Bulb Replacement $3.99 & UP
• Air Filters $9.99 & UP
• Wiper Blades $10.99 & UP
• Throttle Body Cleaning $15.99 & UP
• Gear Box Service/Standard Oils $39.99 & UP
• Fuel Injection Cleaning Service $59.99 & UP
• Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service $59.99 & UP
• Serpentine Belt Repacement $69.99 & UP
• Battery Replacements $85.95 & UP
• Radiator Fluid Exchange Service $89.99 & UP
• Transmission Fluid Exchange Service $89.99 & UP (Most cars)
• Tire Rotation $19.99
• Wheel Balance $10.00 (per wheel)

Change Oil & Filter up to 5 Quarts & A FREE EXPRESS WASH!
Tax not included on pricing

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